My brother and I accidentally discovered that Gola Gola and Gangnam Style fit surprisingly well together. Then this happened. Please excuse the shitty video quality, I couldn’t find a HQ/HD version of the clip.

Ok, I actually do edit full AMVs… It’s just that I’m extremely slow at this stuff and I usually get bored of whatever I’m editing when I’m half done. Or I just abandon the whole project after I realize that what I had in mind is way above my skill level, or I just don’t have the patience to do it (which is the reason why I rarely edit with effects). Ughh, I really hope I actually find the motivation to finish these someday…

I couldn’t sleep and this song has been playing on repeat in my head all day. This video was originally going to be about all female characters being badass and shit but Vriska ended up getting too much screentime so I just made the whole thing focus on her… I don’t know how unfitting the lyrics are here because I didn’t check them before I started editing… I’m sorry. 

Jumping on the Korra bandwagon. Since I’m not much of an art person, have a video I edited in maybe an hour or so. Also timing and flow practice.

Footage: Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Audio: she - Fuse

Program: Sony Vegas 10 Pro

A video WIP of mine. Because my ships have weird headcanons that won’t leave my head. I also have a thing for silhouettes and kinetic typography

Time taken: 2 hours

..ffff- YT decided to fuck up the timing on this thing B<

Spent an hour of my life on this just because the idea wouldn’t leave my head until I actually edited it. 

After constantly working on three projects that require way too many tracks and immense amounts of masking… Oh, raw editing, I love you so much!

Drawing class was canceled, so I had a free period today (or yesterday since it’s 2AM here). I decided to use it wisely and edited something quick. I’m just trying to get my motivation back so I can finish my bigger video projects someday…