6,13, 22

6. Do you have a guilty pleasure ship? - Oh do I? My humongous fleet of ships has at least one guilty pleasure ship for each fandom I’m in. The saddest thing about this is the fact that the flagship of my armada is also my biggest guilty pleasure: Erisol and it’s motherfucking redrom (black is fine too since OTP but the red just gives me so many delicious feels ;____;)

13. Have you ever been told that you resemble a celebrity? Who? - Not that I recall….

22. Stream of consciousness activity - Write one paragraph without stopping or thinking. Post whatever you typed. - Somehow I knew this would come… Okay I don’t have the slightest clue what I should type so I’m just gonna go ahead and ramble about shit. Aaaaaaaaagh why the fuck am I even awake at this hour. I’ve been sitting here and reading fanfiction with the occasional visit to /y/ because porn is best at 3 AM.